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Friday, Nov 21, 09:19 GMT

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Current Session: Europe

Quiet FX, rumors of SNB intervention

EURUSD chart

The Japan Diet is dissolved, preparations for December snap elections will now make the new headlines. Amid the aggressive Yen sell-off, the Japan Finance Minister Aso warned that high volatility in FX, on either side, is unwelcome. He...

Trader's Eye on EURUSD, mid-term

Gonçalo Moreira - Further weakness in USDJPY is starting to be mentioned in several reports.

Yen Gains as Asian Stocks Decline, Euro Eyes Draghi Commentary by Ilya Spivak

Intra-Day News and Views (USD/JPY) & data to be released today by AceTrader Team

Japanese Yen Offers Compelling Trade Opportunities by David Rodríguez

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Mental Success: Practical Steps To Master Your Trading − Part II

Phil CarrGold and Silver End of Week Review
Expert: Phil Carr
Start: Fri, Nov 21, 11:00 GMT

Type of Session: Webinar

Live Market Analysis

Andrei KnightFibonacci Friday
Expert: Andrei Knight
Start: Fri, Nov 21, 16:00 GMT

Type of Session: Webinar

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Fri, Nov 21, 11:00 GMTGold and Silver End of Week ReviewPhil CarrWBNSponsored by
Fri, Nov 21, 13:00 GMTUS Pre−Market Open Ed PonsiWBNSponsored by FXStreet
Fri, Nov 21, 14:00 GMTUS Session Open Ed PonsiWBNSponsored by FXStreet
Fri, Nov 21, 16:00 GMTFibonacci FridayAndrei KnightWBNSponsored by
Mon, Nov 24, 05:00 GMTAsian Session: Live Market AnalysisDr. S. SivaramanWBNSponsored by
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LAST WEBINAR RECORDING: Mental Success: Practical Steps To Master Your Trading - Part II by Nady Laymoud

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Low Risk High Reward Trading and Investing

As the old saying goes, “risk and reward go hand in hand.” I can’t tell you how many times I have heard that in the trading and investing world. Most people think the more reward you try to attain, the more risk you need to take on. Many years ago, I heard this so often that I believed it. However, after many years of trading experience I could not disagree more. It is very possible to attain plenty...

The Traps of Support and Resistance

Portfolio Protection Part 2

Self-Regulate To Successfully Manage Your Trade

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photogladwin dsouza commented a blog post 27 minutes ago MY FX Open Position
Hi Marius , u post your entries in wrong timing now the eurousd is downside mode nearly 80 pips

photoTony - FXS Admin has a new status 46 minutes ago This governance model is in fact a valuable, practical example of the EU’s motto: “United in diversity”... - Draghi, Frankfurt 20 Nov 2014

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