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Monday, Jul 28, 19:35 GMT

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Current Session: Asia

EUR/USD: is it Wednesday already?

EURUSD chart

Market has, as expected, been ultra thin this Monday, with majors mostly confined in 20/30 pips ranges: there were no major news coming from Europe, and in the US disappointing data was not enough to affect...

Trader's Eye on USD/CAD, short-term

Gonçalo Moreira -The broad based USD strength helped USD/CAD, but there is room for some retracements before the movement continues.

USDCAD futures contracts seel dwindling volume and low volatility by Nicole Elliott

US Dollar Remains At Risk Versus The Canadian Dollar by Aayush Jindal

Next Economic Events

Date (GMT)CountryEventActualCons.Previous
Jul 2815:30US 3−Month Bill Auction 0.030%0.025%
17:00US 2−Year Note Auction 0.511%
23:30JP Jobs/applicants ratio (Jun) 1.091.09
23:30JP Overall Household Spending (YoY) (Jun) -3.8%-8.0%
23:30JP Unemployment Rate (Jun) 3.5%3.5%
23:50JP Retail Trade (YoY) (Jun) -0.5%-0.4%
23:50JP Retail Trade s.a (MoM) (Jun) 4.6%
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Cross paths with major traders in Istanbul

FXBeat becomes Premium! The Fibonacci analysis and the connection with the trader profile by Ateşhan Aybars and Onur Çakir.

Saturday, August 2, 2014, 6:30 PM

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Live Webinars

Todd GordonPlan Your Trade, Trade Your Plan – The ART of the Trade
Expert: Todd Gordon
Start: Tue, Jul 29, 14:00 GMT

Type of Session: Webinar

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Richard PerryTrading with Moving Averages
Expert: Richard Perry
Start: Wed, Jul 30, 15:00 GMT

Type of Session: Webinar

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Tue, Jul 29, 14:00 GMTPlan Your Trade, Trade Your Plan – The ART of the Trade Todd GordonWBNSponsored by
Wed, Jul 30, 15:00 GMTTrading with Moving AveragesRichard PerryWBNSponsored by
Wed, Jul 30, 17:45 GMTFed Live CoverageSteve RuffleyWBNSponsored by InterTrader.com
Thu, Jul 31, 05:00 GMTAsian Session: Live Market AnalysisDr. S. SivaramanWBNSponsored by
Thu, Jul 31, 15:00 GMTAddressing the very low volatilityDavid PeglerWBNSponsored by
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LAST WEBINAR RECORDING: Gold and Silver End of Week Review by Phil Carr

Educational Resources

Dealing in Currency ETFs

While significant market movements are an opportunity for traders in the forex market, other long-term...

An Introduction To Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)

ETF Liquidity: Why It Matters

Profit From Forex With Currency ETFs

Forex has complicated jargon. Check out our Forex Glossary for all trading-related words definitions.

Latest from the Forex Social Network

photoFrancesc Riverola has a new status 3 hours ago JPM: Stay long USD/JPY, USD/SEK, USD/NOK, USD/CZK, MXN/CLP, USD/CLP, EUR/AUD and EUR/NZD & short CAD/MXN.

photoFrancesc Riverola has a new status 3 hours ago JPM: Technical portfolio is more heavily tilted towards crossrates, like CAD/MXN, long MXN/CLP and long EUR/AUD and EUR/NZD.

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