This article is taken from the Trader's Journal magazine (September 2009 issue)

The author, Don Dawson, has been trading the futures markets for 20 years. His perseverance through the ups and downs of trading, openness to experience of others, balanced tolerance for risk and patience to wait for his setups are a few of his strengths as a trader.

Don obtained his Series 3 license in 1990. Soon afterward, he registered as a Commodity Trading Advisor with the National Futures Association and formed his company Majestic Futures. He has been a guest speaker on Technical Analysis at Johns Hopkins University and a guest speaker on Business of Trading Radio Show in Washington, D.C. He continues to actively trade his personal account on a daily basis when not teaching for Online Trading Academy. His teaching method has been referred to as “down to earth”. He understands the students need for a structured environment in the early stages of their trading education. He uses humor to convey information in an accessible way.

  • Many times traders enter the business because they lost a job, are looking to supplement income or think that trading is an easy way to make money. Don Dawson discusses the business of trading and provides a list of questions a good trader should ask.


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