The Handbook of Portfolio Mathematics: Formulas for Optimal Allocation & Leverage



Ralph Vince has made many contributions to the world of money management in trading over the course of his career, and his thoughts on this subject have captured the attention of both financial professionals and savvy individual traders alike. In The Handbook of Portfolio Mathematics, Vince outlines the essential elements found in his first three groundbreaking books—Portfolio Management Formulas, The Mathematics of Money Management, and The New Money Management—and then presents you with new insights that will allow you to implement his ideas in real-world trading situations. For instance, this book discusses drawdown beyond any discussion of drawdown to date. Vince's new portfolio model, the Leverage Space Model, uses drawdown as its risk metric, as opposed to conventional methods which use variance in returns. The result is a portfolio model far superior to any of its predecessors—some of which have been in use throughout the industry for over half a century.

"For the serious investor, trader, or money manager, this book takes a rewarding look into modern portfolio theory. Vince introduces a leverage-space portfolio model, tweaks it for the drawdown probability, and delivers a superior model. He even provides equations to maximize returns for a chosen level of risk. So if you're serious about making money in today's markets, buy this book. Read it. Profit from it." — Thomas N. Bulkowski, author, Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns

"This is an important book. Though traders routinely speak of their 'edge' in the marketplace and ways of handling 'risk,' few can define and measure these accurately. In this book, Ralph Vince takes readers step by step through an understanding of the mathematical foundations of trading, significantly extending his earlier work and breaking important new ground. His lucid writing style and liberal use of practical examples make this book must reading." — Brett N. Steenbarger, PhD, author, The Psychology of Trading and Enhancing Trader Performance

"Ralph Vince is one of the world's foremost authorities on quantitative portfolio analysis. In this masterly contribution, Ralph builds on his early pioneering findings to address the real-world concerns of money managers in the trenches-how to systematically maximize gains in relation to risk." — Nelson Freeburg, Editor, Formula Research

"Gambling and investing may make strange bedfellows in the eyes of many, but not Ralph Vince, who once again demonstrates that an open mind is the investor's most valuable asset. What does bet sizing have to do with investing? The answer to that question and many more lie inside this iconoclastic work. Want to make the most of your investing skills Open this book." — John Bollinger, CFA, CMT, www.BollingerBands.com

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