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US Dollar Targets Fresh Lows Against All Except Euro and Yen

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Euro Targets $1.35, US Dollar Aims for ¥85 as Crowds Turn

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Japanese Yen Likely Topped (USDJPY Bottomed) as Sentiment Flips

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Crowds Show Euro Likely to Test 1.3550 Against Fast-Falling Dollar

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Retail FX trading crowds have continued to buy into US Dollar (ticker: USDOLLAR) declines against the Euro, British Pound, Swiss Franc, and Canadian Dollar. We see little reason to alter our calls for further USD weakness across the board.

Crowds turned short the Euro against the US Dollar when the EURUSD pair crossed above $1.27 and have continued to sell. The next significant Euro/US Dollar resistance marker suggests it could rally to $1.3550 before a major pullback. We see similar stories across other USD pairs, and indeed our retail FX sentiment-based forecasts line up well with FX Options and Futures positioning analysis.

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