Published at 02:38 (GMT) 23 Oct

GBP/JPY, USD/JPY Flows: Maehara: call on BoJ to pursue power easing (FFGC5301)

Econs Minister Seiji Maehara said he will continue to call on BoJ to pursue powerful monetary easing to achieve its 1% inflation target. Hope to attend next week, Oct 30, BoJ meet if time allows. No comment on media report on BoJ Y20trillion easing.

On FX, more pressure from Maehara, who attended his first BoJ meeting on Sept 13-14 after becoming Econs Minister. He continues to put pressure on BoJ, though he has put a caveat to say he will attend if time allows. So if he does not attend - may indicate BOJ will not ease further? Good to watch. USD/JPY a tad weighed after MoF Jojima comments earlier, now at 79.88-90, offers at 80.00-10, stops below 79.70-80. More support 79.50-60. GBP/JPY back below key 128 after it hit near 1-month highs around 128.15-25 level, highest level since Sept 19 128.80-85. Stops below 127.50 now. GBP/USD at 1.6009-12, eye break of 1.6000 again. WL