USD-CHF @ 0.9353/56...Looks good for a further rise
R: 0.9395 / 0.9420 / 0.9460
S: 0.9320-00 / 0.9245 / 0.9200

Dollar-Swiss has risen further up further since the morning. Dollar-Index (80.41) has also continues to rise after it has crossed 80.00 yesterday and looks to good for a further rise towards 80.95. Euro (1.2934) has slipped further below 1.2965 and looks weak and a further fall towards 1.2900-890 looks likely. An immediate bounce from current levels cannot be ruled out though, as we have seen a drop of 200 pips in less than 24 hours. Dollar-Swiss has risen well and can rise further towards 0.9390-9420-60 in the coming sessions, dips are expected to find support near 0.9320 in the immediate term. The bigger 0.9500-200 range seems to be continuing.
GBP-USD @ 1.6022/25...Can fall further towards 1.5990-50
R: 1.6080 / 1.6160 / 1.6200
S: 1.5990 / 1.5950 /

Cable has dipped breaking below its 1.6080-50 support and looks to be weakening. A further dip to 1.5990-50 can well be seen. Next support is seen near 1.5990 which can give some respite to the pair but the over all strength in Dollar is quite high and will be too much for Cable to tackle. Now 1.6050-80 regions becomes a resistance region for any rise that may be seen. So the view becomes bearish for a fall towards 1.5990-50 in the near term. We got stopped out of the long entered at 1.6065 loosing 35 pips.

 AUD-USD @ 1.0465/68...can dip in towards 1.0400 while it trades within the 1.0480-280 range
R: 1.0480 / 1.0560-70
S: 1.0450 / 1.0400 /

Aussie took resistance near 1.0480 and dipped as it could not sustain above 1.0480 and gave a daily closing below it. Thus avoiding a break of the 1.0480-280 range and continuing it. The chances of a fall within the range towards 1.0400 have increased and we can see a weak Aussie in the immediate future. Rise from current levels is expected to face resistance near 1.0480-500 levels. We would prefer to stay out of the pair and would not take any trading positions till a clearer trend emerges.

Happy Trading!