Current level - 1.3529

Forex Technical Analysis on EUR/USD

The uptrend has been renewed and with the reliable support at 1.3450 area the outlook here remains bullish, for a rise towards 1.3710 high. Crucial on the downside is 1.3324 support.

Key Market Levels



Current level - 98.82

Forex Technical Analysis on USD/JPY

The recent low at 97.73 marks a reversal of the slide from 99.37, but the senior downtrend from 100.60 is still intact. The intraday bias is positive above 98.50, and a major resistance on the upside is 99.37.

Key Market Levels
Minor Intraday Major Intraweek
Resistance 99.4099.97101.50102.79
Support 98.5097.7396.9095.75



Current level - 1.6133

Forex Technical Analysis on GBP/USD

The uptrend here remains intact and next major resistance is projected around 1.6300 area. Intraday allow a corrective phase for a test of 1.6060 minor support, but it should be limited above 1.5980 break-out level.

Key Market Levels
Minor Intraday Major Intraweek
Resistance 1.61601.63001.63001.7000
Support 1.60601.59801.57501.5420


Trading Strategy
EUR/USDSeptember 19BUY LMT@1.34701.33701.3670---
USD/JPYSeptember 19---------------
GBP/USDSeptember 19BUY LMT@1.60101.59501.6280---