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Every week, we are publishing the Experts Forecast Currencies Poll. A pool of selected traders and analysts gives us their targets for the major currencies for the week, month and quarter to come. They also indicate the whole trend in these periods.

The report includes a visual table for each pair, as well as the comments that the experts might have added to their analysis.

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GBPUSD Forecast

: Gonçalo Moreira, Guillermo Alcalá, Alberto Muñoz, Valeria Bednarik, James Chen, Dr. Sivaraman,, Ilian Yotov, Mauricio Carrillo, Adam Narczewski, Anna Coulling, Yohay Elam, Mohammed Isah, Derek Frey, Ross Yamashita, César Leiceaga, Bijoy Kar, Anton Kolganov.

GBP/USD Comments:

  • Anna Coulling: Despite pullback sterling still remains bullish as markets reward UK fiscal policy. Expect to see 1.64 tested again.
  • 1.5960 should hold to keep 1 month expectation valid while we need a weekly close above 1.6300 to change 1 quarter trend expectation
  • Ilian Yotov: Risk aversion and lessened expectations of a BOE rate hike could extend further the recent price correction in the GBP/USD pair.
  • Dr. Sivaraman: Very volatile moves may be seen
  • Yohay Elam: There are good reasons why the members of the MPC are still reluctant to raise the rates, despite soaring inflation. The economy is weak. The pound is likely to continue shaking, and then drop.
  • Mohammed Isah: GBPUSD is still bullish long term but continues to weaken within its broader sideways range. Within one to three months, we have a bullish bias on the pair.


  • Bearish: Belief that a particular currency is about to fall in value; understood as a general pessimistic trend about the state of that given currency.
  • Bullish: Belief that a particular currency is about to rise in value; understood as a general optimism about the state of that given currency.
  • Sideways: A sideways trend manifests when the volume of a currency pair bought and the volume of the same pair sold at a particular price are in balance or nearly in balance.


Risk Disclosure

This forecast has just an informative meaning and cannot be treated as the guide to action, signal, recommendation or an offer to carry out certain trading operation.The experts of this poll expresses personal opinions and will not assume any responsibility whatsoever for the actions of the reader.We always aim for maximum accuracy, and cannot be held responsible for inaccurate information or typos.