German newspaper Bild Zeitung published an article on Tuesday in which it claims that the Berlin is preparing a 44 billion euro aid payment for Greece, combined from three pending bailout tranches.

When asked about the report, German Finance Minister's spokeswoman said that no decision has been taken on the Greek bailout.

“Color me skeptical”, writes Mark Chandler, Global Head of Currency Strategy for BBH. “To give Greece such a large sum at once is counter to the underlying strategy of doling out the aid in tranches to provide assurances of compliance. This is tantamount to unilateral disarmament by the creditors. Second, three euro area members require parliamentary approval, Germany, Finland and the Netherlands. It it unlikely to receive support.”

The Bild report boosted sentiment and the Euro rebounded off a two-month low against the greenback.

Greece raises €4.062B to refinance debt due this Friday

The Greek Public Debt Management Agency held a bond auction on Tuesday in order to roll over 5 billion euros of debt maturing on November 16. It sold 4.062 billion euros worth of 1-month and 3-month T-bills and the total amount should reach 5 billion if all non-competitive bids are included.

1-month T-bills were sold at an average yield of 3.95%, while 3-month T-bills yielded 4.2%, compared to 4.24% seen in October.

The auction was given the green light by the ECB which had to raise the ceiling on the amount of T-bills so that Athens would be able to continue refinancing short-term debt.