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Bloggers Calls

Den Hong Nguyen
This is my prediction for July 10
Ej up trend, 130.30 is R key. Range 130.30-128.70. Prefer for buy
Eu will up but slowly, 1.2886, 1.2900 is target for buyer, 1.2750 is S key.
Uj will test 101.25 as R key for up!
AU wanna down, target 0.9050. R 0.9210.
GU can up to 1.4939 and test that price for up 1.5000.
UCA buy near 1.0505, range 1.0505 , R key 1.0551, break will go higher, Bellow 1.0500 sell. Prefer for buy!
UCHF prefer for short target 0.9650 then 0,9560.
Gold range 1243.87-1260.40, prefer for sell!
Take care with FOMC. This prediction N/A to FOMC news!

Vladimir Mihaylov
LONG EUR above 1.2780 SL 1.2765 TP 1.2830-1.2850-1.2900-1.2945-1.2990-1.3015
SHORT EUR below 1.2845 SL 1.2860 TP 1.2770-1.2740-1.2710-1.2680-1.2640
LONG EUR above 1.2860 SL 1.2845 TP 1.2910-1.2950-1.3000
SHORT EUR below 1.2930 SL 1.2945 TP 1.2850-1.2810-1.2770-1.2740-1.2700
LONG GOLD above 1240 SL 1235 TP 1265-1275-1288-1295
SHORT GOLD below 1230 SL 1235 TP 1210-1195-1190

Martin Kay
SELL EURUSD, Sell Target: 1.2721, Sell Stop: 1.2951
Enter New SELL on OPEN and exit SELL positions at Target price or at Stop price.
PLEASE TAKE NOTE: If necessary, adjust the Stop Loss Price according to our trading risk.
Do not reverse after exiting as Trending & Anti-Trending mode are being used by this system. This is a recommendation for INTRA-DAY TRADING only!!!!!

Usman Ali
EUR/USD Buy above 1.2770,TP1.2835,SL1.2740 ,BOS1.2735
GBP/USD Buy above 1.4880,TP1.4945 ,SL1.4850 ,BOS1.4845
GOLD Buy above 1247,TP1258/63,SL1242,BOS1240
USD/JPY Sell below 100.75,TP100.25/100,SL101.10 BOB 101.15
CRUDE OIL Buy above 104.40,TP 105,SL104.10 ,BOS 104

Tahir Khan
EJ : buy 128.03-07 Stop 127.89; Limit1 128.22 Limit2 128.48 Limit3 129.70
CAD : Buy 10486-89 Stop 10474; Limit1 10503 Limit2 10518 Limit3 10544
CAD : Buy 10502 . small stop for scalp
OIL :: Sell 10480ish and higher to 10522 Stop (Tight 10508) 10555; Limit1 10444 Limit2 104.12 Limit3 10280
Swissy : Buy 9695 for scalp
Swissy : Buy 9653-55 Stop 9640; Limit1 9677 Limit2 9692 Limit3 9744

Jason Sen
EURUSD 1.2755/45 is obviously crucial support being the lows for this year. A break lower therefore is a problem and could target the next support at 1.2680/60. This is an important fibonacci level and could provide a second buying opportunity in this oversold market.
USDJPY failure to break 101.30/60 puts the market under pressure for 100.90/80. A break below here then risks a slide to support at 100.46. Look for a low for the day and a bounce from here but longs need stops below 100.30 for a buying opportunity at 99.80/70 this week.

Shaun Powell
AUDUSD is showing a sqeeze in price on the daily chart, also showing bullish divergence on a 4h chart. We recommend only positions with the target being 0.9260, TP2 0.9320
USDCHF we are approaching major resistance on the 4h and daily, we recommend a short trade on a reversal with targets being 0.9620, 0.9550, SL above 0.9750.
EURJPY this is bearish, this has came down and tested the lower slope trendline, the next target to the downside will be 1.2740, which will come if trendline is broken. If bounce occurs we are looking for the 1.30 level

EURUSD Recommendations: SHORT positions below 1.2855 with 1.2800 & 1.2770 as next targets.
Alternative scenario:The upside breakout of 1.2855 will call for a rebound to 1.2900/1.2975.
Description: The pair trades below its resistance at 1.2855, as long as this level holds,look for further downside losses towards 1.2800/1.2870 levels , stability below 1.2755 will open the way towards 1.2700/650 levels ,an hourly close above 1.2855 would delay the bearish move and pave the way towards 1.2900/75 before the next fall.

Yohay Elam
Further levels in both directions:
Below: 1.28, 1.2750, 1.27, 1.2660 and 1.26.
Above: 1.2840, 1.2890, 1.2940, 1.30, 1.3050, 1.3100, 1.3160, 1.32, 1.3255, 1.3350 and 1.34
1.2800 was breached on Tuesday and is providing weak support. 1.2750 is next.
1.2840 is providing weak resistance. This is followed by 1.2890.